Zhiwen Fan


University of Texas at Austin

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin advised by Prof. Zhangyang Wang at VITA group. Previously, I was a senior algorithm engineer at Alibaba Cloud worked with Prof. Ping Tan and Siyu Zhu. I am a winner of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2022.

Recent News

  • Two paper has been accepted by ICCV 2023, one paper by 3DV2024.
  • One paper has been accepted by CVPR 2023, as hightlight presentation.
  • Two papers have been accepted by NeurIPS 2022.
  • One paper has been accepted by ASP-DAC 2023..
  • We won Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (North America) 2022 (QIF 2022).
  • We won 3rd place of University Demo Best Demonstration at 59th Design Automation Conference (DAC 2022).
  • Three papers have been accepted by ECCV 2022.
  • One paper has been accepted by ICML 2022.
  • Two papers have been accepted by CVPR 2022, including one oral presentation.

Selected Publications
Full publication list at Google Scholar

* denotes equal contribution.
LightGaussian: Unbounded 3D Gaussian Compression with 15x Reduction and 200+ FPS
Zhiwen Fan*Kevin Wang*Kairun WenZehao ZhuDejia XuZhangyang Wang
FSGS: Real-Time Few-shot View Synthesis using Gaussian Splatting
Zhiwen Fan*Zehao Zhu*Yifan JiangZhangyang Wang
Pose-Free Generalizable Rendering Transformer
Zhiwen Fan*Panwang Pan*Peihao WangYifan JiangHanwen JiangDejia XuZehao ZhuDilin WangZhangyang Wang
NeRF-SOS: Any-View Self-supervised Object Segmentation from Complex Real-World Scenes
Zhiwen FanPeihao WangYifan JiangXinyu GongDejia XuZhangyang Wang
NeuralLift-360: Lifting An In-the-wild 2D Photo to A 3D Object with 360° Views
Dejia XuYifan JiangPeihao WangZhiwen FanYi WangZhangyang Wang
CVPR2023  (Highlight, 2.5% of 9155)
Unified Implicit Neural Stylization
Zhiwen Fan*Peihao Wang*Yifan Jiang*Xinyu GongDejia XuZhangyang Wang
M^3ViT Video thumbnail loading...
M^3ViT: Mixture-of-Experts Vision Transformer for Efficient Multi-task Learning with Model-Accelerator Co-design
Zhiwen Fan*Hanxue Liang*Rishov SarkarZiyu JiangTianlong ChenKai ZouYu ChengCong HaoZhangyang Wang
NeurIPS2022  (QIF 2022 Award)
CADTransformer: Panoptic Symbol Spotting Transformer for CAD Drawings
Zhiwen FanTianlong ChenPeihao WangZhangyang Wang
CVPR2022 (Oral Presentation, top 5% in all submissions)
Cascade Cost Volume for High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo and Stereo Matching
Zhiwen Fan*Xiaodong Gu*Siyu ZhuZuozhuo DaiFeitong TanPing Tan
CVPR2020 (Oral Presentation, top 5% in all submissions)
Joint CS-MRI Reconstruction and Segmentation with a Unified Deep Network
Zhiwen Fan*Liyan Sun*Xinghao DingYue HuangJohn Paisley



  • Journal Reviewers: 
    TPAMI, TIP, IJCV, Neurocomputing.
  • Conference Reviewers: 
    NeurIPS 22/23, ICML 22/23, CVPR 22/23, ICCV 21/23, AAAI 21, ICME 2019.