Zhiwen Fan


University of Texas at Austin

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin advised by Prof. Atlas Wang at VITA group. Previously, I was a senior algorithm engineer at Alibaba Cloud worked with Prof. Ping Tan and Prof. Siyu Zhu. I am a winner of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2022.

Recent News

  • One paper for 3DV 2024, three papers for CVPR 2024 have been accepted(one as highlight).
  • One paper for ASP-DAC 2023, one for CVPR 2023 (as highlight), and two for ICCV 2023 have been accepted.
  • We won the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (North America) 2022 (QIF 2022).
  • We won 3rd place in the University Demo Best Demonstration at the 59th Design Automation Conference (DAC 2022).
  • Two papers for CVPR 2022 (one as oral), one for ICML 2022, three for ECCV 2022, and two for NeurIPS 2022 have been accepted.
  • One paper for ICCV 2021, one for 3DV 2021 have been accepted.
  • One paper for CVPR 2020 (as oral), one for TIP have been accepted.

Selected Publications
Full publication list at Google Scholar

* denotes equal contribution.
InstantSplat: Unbounded Sparse-view Pose-free Gaussian Splatting in 40 Seconds
Zhiwen Fan*, Wenyan Cong*, Kairun Wen*, Kevin Wang, Jian Zhang, Xinghao Ding, Danfei Xu, Boris Ivanovic, Marco Pavone, Georgios Pavlakos, Zhangyang Wang, Yue Wang
DreamScene360: Unconstrained Text-to-3D Scene Generation with Panoramic Gaussian Splatting
Shijie Zhou*, Zhiwen Fan*, Dejia Xu*, Haoran Chang, Pradyumna Chari, Tejas Bharadwaj, Suya You, Zhangyang Wang, Achuta Kadambi
LightGaussian: Unbounded 3D Gaussian Compression with 15x Reduction and 200+ FPS
Zhiwen Fan*Kevin Wang*Kairun WenZehao ZhuDejia XuZhangyang Wang
FSGS: Real-Time Few-shot View Synthesis using Gaussian Splatting
Zhiwen Fan*Zehao Zhu*Yifan JiangZhangyang Wang
Feature 3DGS: Supercharging 3D Gaussian Splatting to Enable Distilled Feature Fields
Shijie Zhou, Haoran Chang, Sicheng Jiang, Zhiwen Fan, Zehao Zhu, Dejia Xu, Pradyumna Chari, Suya You, Zhangyang Wang, Achuta Kadambi,
CVPR 2024(Highlight, 2.8% of 11532) 
Taming Mode Collapse in Score Distillation for Text-to-3D Generation
Peihao Wang, Dejia Xu, Zhiwen Fan, Dilin Wang, Sreyas Mohan, Forrest Iandola, Rakesh Ranjan, Yilei Li, Qiang Liu, Zhangyang Wang, Vikas Chandra,
CVPR 2024 
NeRF-SOS: Any-View Self-supervised Object Segmentation from Complex Real-World Scenes
Zhiwen FanPeihao WangYifan JiangXinyu GongDejia XuZhangyang Wang
NeuralLift-360: Lifting An In-the-wild 2D Photo to A 3D Object with 360° Views
Dejia XuYifan JiangPeihao WangZhiwen FanYi WangZhangyang Wang
CVPR2023  (Highlight, 2.5% of 9155)
Unified Implicit Neural Stylization
Zhiwen Fan*Yifan Jiang*Peihao Wang*Xinyu GongDejia XuZhangyang Wang
M^3ViT Video thumbnail loading...
M^3ViT: Mixture-of-Experts Vision Transformer for Efficient Multi-task Learning with Model-Accelerator Co-design
Zhiwen Fan*Hanxue Liang*Rishov SarkarZiyu JiangTianlong ChenKai ZouYu ChengCong HaoZhangyang Wang
NeurIPS2022  (QIF 2022 Award)
CADTransformer: Panoptic Symbol Spotting Transformer for CAD Drawings
Zhiwen FanTianlong ChenPeihao WangZhangyang Wang
CVPR2022 (Oral Presentation, top 5% in all submissions)
Cascade Cost Volume for High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo and Stereo Matching
Zhiwen Fan*Xiaodong Gu*Siyu ZhuZuozhuo DaiFeitong TanPing Tan
CVPR2020 (Oral Presentation, top 5% in all submissions)
Joint CS-MRI Reconstruction and Segmentation with a Unified Deep Network
Zhiwen Fan*Liyan Sun*Xinghao DingYue HuangJohn Paisley


  • Meta, Redmond:
    Research Intern (year of 2023).
  • Google, San Francisco:
    Research Intern (year of 2022).
  • Alibaba Group, Hangzhou:
    Senior Algorithm Engineer(2019 - 2021).


  • Journal Reviewers: 
    TPAMI, TIP, IJCV, Neurocomputing.
  • Conference Reviewers: 
    NeurIPS 22/23, ICML 22/23, CVPR 22/23, ICCV 21/23, AAAI 21, ICME 2019.